IT Alignment

IT Planning

IT planning has been one of the most critical matters among IT managers in practice. IT planning is vital because IT potentially impacts the position of a firm in its competitive environment.

The aim of IT planning is to create business value and competitive advantage from the use of IT. Effective IT planning processes and their results may provide superior enterprise performance.

However, the effective and consistent translation of IT investments into business value remains a problem within academia and in practice. There are no studies that explain processes of strategic IT planning. In practice, there is no industry standard and no widespread methodology for IT planning; numerous firms use their own approaches or proprietary methods.

IT Alignment is a lean and practicable framework that has closed the previous gap of structured strategic IT planning. It also provides inputs to tactical IT planning organized by IT project managers and performed by solution/software architects. Strategic IT planning by IT Alignment and tactical IT planning by IT Project Management ascertains a seamless IT planning flow for value creation, competitive advantage, and increased performance.